If you choose to continue
in person sessions, but prefer to work outside of a facility, I now offer at home sessions. 


Fitness-Essentials is now offering a few options that will allow our members to continue their
sessions in a safe and comfortable environment. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed malesuada tempus magna.

For those that would like to train in a gym atmosphere, we will provide in person sessions at
Mountain Fitness 10 Community Pl, Warren NJ. This facility adheres to the CDC Covid-19
requirements to ensure that all services are provided in the safest way. If you choose to continue
in person sessions, but prefer to work outside of a facility, I now offer at home sessions. All
equipment needed will be brought to you to be used in a space that best suits your comfort
needs. Again, all sessions must adhere to the CDC guidelines. (6ft distance and masks required)
Finally, we will continue to offer Virtual Fitness Sessions Monday through Saturday. 

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Virtual Small Group Classes

Strength & Conditioning Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7AM & 6PM
(with Coach Clif)

Boxing Thursday at 5PM and Saturday at 10AM
(with Coach Carlo) 

For Mountain Fitness & At Home Sessions

Please reach out to me at 908-392-0409
to schedule

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