The 50 Plus Community

Submitted by Diane Maurer, Watchung resident on behalf of Reggie Tyler

The population of the United States is aging at a rate never before seen. Since older adults have the greatest financial burden on the Health Care System, it is imperative that you as a citizen and fitness professionals employ strategies to help ensure healthy aging.

Several psychological and anatomical changes occur within the human body as individuals age. Physical activity performance diminishes, such as in sports, exercise, and general daily activities. This increases the risk for injury during physical activity or exercise. While many physical changes are inevitable, habitual participation in physical activity and structured exercise can prevent and reduce the effect of changes or injury. It is essential for aging adults to understand the physical changes that occur in the human body and the effect of physical activity. We must be aware of the structural and functional changes that occur in the muscular skeletal system with aging. At Fitness-Essentials we have an understanding of these changes therefore our program design is a more efficient and safer exercise program for older adults.

We at Fitness Essentials realize that older clients are fearful of getting injured during a workout or concerned about exacerbating existing conditions such as arthritis. As Senior Fitness Specialists we are specifically trained in helping older clients achieve more without pain. Our sessions will include gentle warm up, stretching, and wind-down periods. At Fitness-Essentials we are trained to distinguish between minor soreness and the warning signs of a potentially serious injury. Nearly three-fourths of Americans 50 or older want more information about exercising safely and more than half want individualized exercise plans.

It is vital to get assessed by a health and fitness professional to ensure safe and effective exercise training programs and progressions. The use of subjective and objective information is essential to the assessment process.  Collectively, these assessments provide a foundation of personal information that enables Fitness-Essentials to provide a safe and effective exercise training environment.

Clif “CJ” Joseph and Reggie Tyler operate Fitness-Essentials in Warren. Diane has been a client for 11 years.

Fitness-Essentials vision statement: “To create a judgement free zone that allows our members to reach their maximum potential by embracing positive changes in their mind and body.”