Lizzy Hammonds



Liz completed her 200 hour RYT through Onyx Yoga Studio. Her positive light hearted personality makes her classes fun and good for the heart.

Come into her classes ready to receive light and love while exploring breath and body awareness on the mat. She believes that yoga is all about having integrity for yourself and opening up to the unknown. Liz was introduced to yoga in 2015 during a time of her life she felt she needed it the most. She was resistant to the change at first but grew to love the mental discipline, physical and spiritual awakening yoga offers. It has been a journey worth taking.

As a teacher, Liz incorporates her love for yogic philosophy and her insights of the teachings into her classes as something for her students to mediate on throughout their asana practice. She also focuses on alignment and breath, making each pose accessible for all levels. When not on the mat Liz is painting, as an artist she expresses her love for yoga in any way she can.

Embrace the Change


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